HM Sampoerna – Karawang site

Location (district/
catchment, Province)
Karawang, West Java
Start Year
January 2023
End Year
June 2023

Sustainable, Fair and Resilience Water Stewardship​

To facilitate and provide practical recommendations in order to increase the capacity of HMS – Karawang to achieve continuous improvement in the implementation of good water management according to AWS standards, especially in understanding the water balance and relevant stakeholders, related to water challenges in the water catchment area of HM's operational area Sampoerna Karawang, WSI and HMS - Karawang site in collaboration to conduct a review of the suitability of HMS – Karawang against several basic indicators of the AWS Standard in Step 1 on several indicators, namely: 1.2.1 ; 1.2.2 and 1.5.3

The results of the review will be used to produce outputs from this project, are:
1) Completeness of data on stakeholders and water challenges they have, and
2) Data from the calculation of the water balance in the water catchment area of the operational area of HM Sampoerna Karawang.