From IWSWG to Indonesia Water Stewardship (IWS) Network - Enchancing Collaboration on Water Stewardship in Indonesia

24 February 2022

The members of Indonesia Water Stewardship Working Group (IWSWG), representing the private sector, certification and conformity assessment bodies, academia, NGOs, and government/semi-government, have carried out a series of discussions on contextualizing the Alliance for Water Stewardship (AWS) Standard Guidance to better suit the implementation in Indonesia throughout 2021.

Yayasan AWS Indonesia continues to support the IWSWG in achieving its vision and mission, and in advancing towards good water stewardship in Indonesia. Through an online workshop on 18th February 2022, the members convened to explore and determine strategic achievements in implementing water stewardship related to good water use in Indonesia. This workshop is delivered as part of the project ISEAL Innovations Fund ‘Boosting sustainability practice and performance at the landscape level through good water stewardship’.

The workshop also discussed the current state of water stewardship and important points for the development of a roadmap towards good water stewardship in Indonesia in 2022, which was also mutually agreed upon to change the form of Working Group into Indonesia Water Stewardship Network.

IWSWG was initially only to contextualizing how AWS Standard could be adopted and implemented in Indonesia. There is an opportunity in the future for more actions on how the AWS Standard can be implemented, so it is necessary to establish a Network and collaborate with other forums

Sahroel Polontalo, Depok Ciliwung Community.

This was also confirmed by Agus Haryanto from WWF Indonesia who said

There is a need for the characteristics for this Network that has attracted the attention of many parties and the Government, one of which is to focus on water stewardship in Indonesia by providing useful results for future implementation

I hope that the Indonesia Water Stewardship Network can contribute to sustainability issues related to water in Indonesia.

Anindrya Nastiti, Researcher and Lecturer, Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB).

With the agreement on the focus of this Network is for the adoption and implementation of AWS Standard in Indonesia, in the near future, a rapid assessment will be carried out for the basic concepts of the establishment and the scheme for the structurization.

This Network is quite specific and clear, hopefully it can be consistently monitored and implemented

Marsha Himawan, IDEP Foundation.

Contact Yayasan AWS Indonesia Executive Director, (Mr) Fany Wedahuditama: for more detail information.