Indonesia Water Coalition – Ignite the Good Water Stewardship Practices Sharing

22 February 2022

In September last year, the Indonesia Water Coalition have successfully established three working groups to ensure the achievement of its ultimate goal, which is water security that supports people, environment, and economic development in Indonesia. The chair for each of the three working groups (Communication & Partnership, Program Management & Advocacy and Knowledge Management), were elected through voting by members. Yayasan AWS Indonesia as promotor of good water stewardship in Indonesia, with support from the Water Stewardship Australia and the Australian Water Partnership, is leading the Knowledge Management Working Group.

To start the new year, the IWC held its first meeting on 15th of February where Yayasan AWS Indonesia presented the proposed targets and workplan for Knowledge Management Working Group in front of all members. With the overall vision to facilitate knowledge building and sharing on water among members and with other stakeholders, Fany Wedahuditama (the Executive Director of Yayasan AWS Indonesia), presented the vision, missions, workplan for the next two years. The main activities cover the development of the Catchment Knowledge Hub (a publicly accessible digital platform) hosting key information related to water stewardship at catchment level and research studies in priority catchments for IWC members. The research study will not only focus on existing and potential future water risks in the catchment, but also the business and economic value from risk mitigation and water stewardship implementation in the catchment.

The meeting also discussed the importance of aligning the Knowledge Management activities with existing government programs and the members’ initiatives to ensure effective resource mobilization and knowledge development. This will be done through a rapid mapping of existing programs and interests on water at catchment level among IWC members.

After the finalisation of the Knowledge Management Working Group workplan, Yayasan AWS Indonesia and other IWC members will focus on resource mobilization and the alignment with the other two working groups’ activities to ensure the implementation of the workplan.

Contact us for more information on the Knowledge Management Working Group or contact the Indonesia Water Coalition Secretariat: Yayasan Konservasi Alam Nusantara (YKAN).