Joint Training Indonesia Water Coalition - AWS Good Water Stewardship and Water Funds

18 June 2021

Half of Indonesia’s gross domestic product (GDP) is produced in river basins that suffer ‘high’ or ‘severe’ water stress in the dry season and these stresses are expected to increase, particularly on Java. One of the issues is over-abstraction of groundwater which has depleted aquifers around major cities and led to widespread subsidence and consequent increased flooding. If nothing changes, by 2045 two-thirds (67 percent) of Indonesia’s GDP is predicted to be generated in highly or severely stressed basins (World Bank, 2021). At the same time, water demand is continuing to rise fast due to population growth and economic development and is expected to increase another 31 percent by 2045. By 2045, 31 river basins, out of 128, are expected to face a water supply-demand deficit.

This has put water resources under immense pressure, resulting in water stress and increasing competition over water in Indonesia. Businesses are therefore more and more taking action to reduce water-related risks, support good water management practices and increase their reputation as good water users. Especially under COVID-19, it is more important than ever to ensure continuation of good actions between different stakeholders at catchment level.

Driven by the urgency to act jointly to tackle these growing water challenges, the Indonesia Water Coalition has signed the Coalition Charter and its 9 members committed to work towards joint action at basin level on water. The current Indonesia Water Coalition (IWC) members are: Yayasan Konservasi Alam Nusantara (YKAN), Yayasan Aliansi Wali Sumber Daya Air Indonesia (AWS Indonesia), Global Water Partnership Southeast AsiaPT Coca Cola IndonesiaPT Unilever IndonesiaPT LÓreal IndonesiaPT Multi Bintang IndonesiaPT Nestle Indonesia and PT Danone Indonesia.

Yayasan AWS Indonesia with support from the Australian Water Partnership has led a three-day training and workshop for the Indonesia Water Coalition on 14, 16 and 18 June. These three days were focusing on Good Water Stewardship, the AWS Standard and Water Funds for joint action at basin level. YKAN provided the expert input on the Water Funds approach developed by The Nature Conservation (TNC).

The attendees gained more knowledge on the AWS Standard and Water Funds with emphasis on site and catchment interaction, identifying water risks and challenges, stakeholder mapping and engagement and how to develop a roadmap for joint action at basin level.

Through this 3-day training and workshop we did not only gain knowledge but also many insights from other members of the Indonesia Water Coalition. We learn that good water stewardship means we need to take into account multiple aspects of a watershed, like physical, social and environmental risks, up - and downstream interactions, assessing our water supply sources and more. This will support us to make our water management actions sustainable and can serve social, environmental and economic goals.

Raditya Pramudiantoro, PT Danone Indonesia.

I learned a lot during these joint training sessions and it provided me with new perspectives on how we should identify, plan, and manage our water resource sustainably

Muchtazar M.S, PT Unilever Indonesia.

The Indonesia Water Coalition aims to act as a growing community of practice and open to any oganisations that share the same vision and mission on protecting and managing water in Indonesia in a sustainable manner.

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