Unveil New Face of Water Stewardship Indonesia

It might have been obvious to you, but we’ve rebranded. Everything is new, from our logo to services we provide. What’s that all about? Let’s find out!

Unveil New Face of Water Stewardship Indonesia

It might have been obvious to you, but we’ve rebranded. Everything is new, from our logo to services we provide. What’s that all about? Let’s find out!

Water Stewardship Indonesia (WSI)

Yayasan Aliansi Wali Sumber Daya Air Indonesia (Water Stewardship Indonesia) is the leading organisation on good water stewardship in Indonesia. We work on building a committed and capable network for the implementation and uptake of good water stewardship that can drive credible water stewardship action, enable collaboration, and joint investment, and support common goals for water security in Indonesia.

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Water Stewardship Actions

The Water Stewardship Actions Map is a visual representation of water stewardship activities in collaboration with multi-stakeholders throughout Indonesia, as well as showing the sites located in Indonesia that have achieved certification against the AWS Standard and registered sites for the certification.

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Become Part of the Water Stewardship Practitioner

Whether you are working for a company, governmental organization, NGO, and consultancy, we can offer you what you need to practice good water stewardship.

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23 Nov 2023

Restore Safe Water and Sanitation Access in The Dispute Area

Having access to clean drinking water and sanitation services is a serious issue everywhere in the world. For hundreds of millions of people who live in areas impacted by violence or armed conflict, the situation has gotten worse. Such as Russia’s war in Ukraine and Israeli attacks against Palestinian water resources in the West Bank. […]
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27 Sep 2023

National Multidisiplinary Team - Water Scarcity Program (WSP)

As a series of Water Scarcity Program (WSP) activities, The Ministry of National Development Planning/Bappenas and the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) held the first National Multidisciplinary Team (NMT) Meeting on Monday, 13 September 2023, via hybrid event to discuss the initial draft outline of the National Water Scarcity Management Action Plan. Ninety-one […]
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11 Sep 2023

Water Accounting Training – Water Scarcity Program (WSP)

Following the Kick-Off Meeting Workshop for the Water Scarcity Program (WSP) at the end of August, we have successfully embarked on the Water Accounting Training offline for 4 (four) days, from 29th August – 1st September. Trainers from Future Water led the training with support from the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), The […]
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24 Aug 2023

Kick-Off: Water Scarcity Program

In the Asia–Pacific region, water resources form the basis of agrarian prosperity and economic development. However, increasing water demand due to population growth, rapid industrialisation and urbanisation, and a changing climate undermine those water resources. Like many parts of the world, the Asia–Pacific faces increasing water scarcity, with varying characteristics, causes and trends across a […]
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Water Landscape Donor

A list of several funding sources for water landscape projects, especially those targeting Indonesia

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New AWS Certification Requirements V3.0

AWS has updated its Certification Requirements to strengthen system integrity, improve language consistency and clarity, also to reduce repetition.

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Landscape Project Report

Explore the outputs of 'Boosting sustainability practice and performance at the landscape level through good water stewardship'.

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Gain insight from the story and other meaningful discussions on water stewardship in Indonesia.

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Case Studies and Reports

Explore examples of good water stewardship in Indonesia.

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AWS Documents in Bahasa Indonesia

The Bahasa Indonesia version of the International Water Stewardship Standard (AWS Standard) and Guidance are available online. Get yours now.

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